Jaye ThompsonJaye Thompson

2014 Orientation Leader




Visual Communication


Collegeville, Pennsylvania


First Year Residence Hall:




Art, swimming, tennis, soccer, movies, music, concerts/festivals, amusement parks, cuddling, traveling, foosball.

UD Involvement:

Blue Hen Ambassador, Blue Hen Leadership Program, Club Swimming, Art Ambassador, American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Advice for a new student:

The sooner you get involved the quicker you meet people, find a group you feel comfortable with, and establish a good base of friends to enjoy college. CAUTION: make sure to go outside of your regular friend group because if you hang out with the same people all the time you won’t grow and your college experience will be lived in a bubble. In addition… take risks (a lot of them), mistakes are okay just learn from them, say hello to EVERYONE, meet a new person every day, smile a lot, and be passionate about everything you do because it makes life more enjoyable.

Advice for their parents:

Trust your student, if you raised them well, they will succeed.

Why I chose Delaware:

I was looking to go out of state, as much as I love Pennsylvania. I have always felt that you had to get away to really live the college experience. UD first came on my radar because when I was looking for top tier schools in graphic design UD consistently came up as having a first-rate Visual Communications program. When I visited my junior year the atmosphere felt right. The students were happy and passionate about the school, and there were so many different opportunities to get involved (clubs/sports/organizations) so I knew I would never be bored. They highlight the importance of study abroad, internships, and research. The campus environment and aesthetic is beautiful, I loved the vibe of Main Street as a social hub. Also, UD is a highly respected institution, which means employers will know I came from a great school and hopefully my skills will prove them correct.

How I decided on my major:

I wasn’t very good at engineering so I decided to look into graphic design. I took classes in high school, and found a pathway that will lead me to a career I will love to do every day. I applied to UD…and here we are!

Favorite TV show:

That 70’s Show

Favorite song:

“The Temper Trap” by Sweet Disposition

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Catherine Rooney’s

Plans after college:

Start out as a graphic designer at an advertising agency/design firm, make my way up to the creative director position. Develop a couple Super Bowl/World Cup/Olympic commercials, assist in a presidential election, revolutionize culture, change lives, become a multimedia mogul, leave a lasting legacy, retire by age 35, and enjoy a life of leisure with the wife. Be happy.

Interesting fact:

I was born in the Caribbean (St. Croix!)