Shannon Poulsen


Shannon Poulsen




Political Science & Communication Interest


Schaumburg, IL


Improvisational comedy, writing, playing piano/guitar, cooking, wandering.

Advice for parents:

Send the occasional care package- it’s a great way to remind your student you miss them AND provide them with food, decorations for holidays, etc. Nothing’s better than opening a present after a tough midterm.

Why I chose Delaware:

Two reasons: 1. The opportunities! There is so much to take advantage of here and 2. The university called to me, and every day since, it’s just felt right.

How I decided on my major:

I love people, information, and change. It’s so interesting to see how the masses influence each other in both a cultural and political manner- especially now with social media. Every class I take, the more I love what I’m studying.

Favorite TV show:

The Colbert Report.

Favorite song:

“King of the World” by First Aid Kit.


Favorite spot on Main Street:

Peace a Pizza! Eggplant pizza? YES.

Plans after college:

There are so many options I’m looking at, but currently I am on the path to become a legislative researcher, volunteer for campaigns, and hopefully break into the world of campaign managing. I also want to write freelance satire and possibly work for the Onion News Network.