Scott Levitt


Scott Levitt




Liberal Studies


Clarksville, MD


DJing, hanging with friends, working out, listening to music.

UD Involvement:

Besides NSO, I am a First Year Seminar Peer Mentor, I am in Greek Life, I am part of the UD Hillel community, I play intramural sportsm and I was a UDance Chapter Representative.

Most exciting UD memory:

My most exciting UD memory was NSO last year. I had so much fun meeting the incoming students and hanging out with the other OLs, so I decided, "Hey, why not do it again?!?!"

Why I chose Delaware:

I chose Delaware because it felt like home when I stepped on campus for the first time. And the second, and the third....

How I decided on my major:

I changed my major 11 times. I had the opportunity to explore different fields of study, and I feel very satisfied with a liberal studies major because I essentially get to create my own curriculum!

Favorite TV show:

I love Dexter, The Walking Dead, and Arrow.

Favorite song:

Anything by Of Monsters & Men, or by NERVO (two completely different genres, I know)!

Plans after college:

My plans after college stay at college! I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Student Affairs, and then work for a higher education institution.