Ryan Campor


Ryan Campor




Biomedical Engineering


Newark, DE


Relaxing, Sporting Events, Concerts, Music, Boating, THE BEACH!!!

Why I chose Delaware:

Originally, Delaware was not a choice for me, I wanted to go far from home, very very, very far, but when I decided to visit Delaware, the amount of school spirit and excitement was so overwhelming, I knew instantly that UD was going to be my new home!

How I decided on my major:

I love being able to help people, and I always wanted that character trait to be in my career, so what better way is there to help people, then to help make them healthy!

Favorite TV show:

Grey's Anatomy!

Favorite song:

"Rattle" by Bingo Players

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Boardwalk Burgers and Fries.

Plans after college:

Continue my education in medical school through the Navy Health Professions Program, becoming a naval physician.

Interesting fact:

I am related to Curly from The Three Stooges!