Paige Lewis


Paige Lewis






Lancaster, PA


Running, Reading, Camping, Hiking, Laughing.

UD involvement:

Greek Life.

Most exciting UD memory:

My freshman year floor was the best, we all were so close and shared so many fun moments. I remain best friends with the girls I met on my floor, and I couldn’t have asked for a better freshman experience.

Favorite TV show:

Project Runway circa 2010.

Favorite song:

Right now I’m hooked on anything by King Charles, but…ask me tomorrow.

Favorite spot on Main Street:

It’s a constant struggle between Home Grown and Mizu.

Plans after college:

I plan to teach English abroad for a couple of years, and then move back to the States in order to pursue graduate school.

Interesting fact:

I’ve never stayed in a hotel for my family’s summer vacation—tent camping is the way to go!