Alexandra NauAlexandra Nau

2014 Orientation Leader




Human Services


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


First Year Residence Hall:




Singing in the shower, baking cookies, swimming, and traveling.

UD Involvement:

Greek Life, Hillel Student Life, Blue Hen Ambassador, Student Admissions Officer, Student Alumni Ambassador, Symphonic Band.

Most exciting UD memory:

During Winter 2014, I had the experience of a lifetime traveling to Santiago, Chile for 5 weeks. I took two Spanish classes, stayed with a host family, and on the weekends, took excursions throughout the country. While I was not on campus, I was traveling with 32 other UD students, who became my best friends and my family. Being able to bring our memories and experiences back to Newark’s campus made me appreciate all of the opportunity this University can bring to each and every student like myself.

Advice for a new student:

Go to the Fall Activities Night! This is a perfect way to learn about different opportunities offered on campus with registered student organizations your first semester freshman year! That night, I signed up for some organizations that I now I have leadership positions in today

How I decided on my major:

I have always loved people. It sounds simple, but I love the process of conversation and where it can lead. Human Services has allowed me to see how this type of bond between people can aid in any part of life. I have a passion to help families and others throughout transitional processes in life. This major will allow me to be prepared as a social worker, educational consultant or even work within a University environment.

Favorite TV show:

Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite song:

“It’s a Beautiful Day” by U2

Favorite spot on Main Street:

SAS Cupcakes! They even give out frosting samples…..yum :)

Plans after college:

I plan on pursuing work in a non-profit agency or guidance counseling setting. However, I am also thinking about becoming involved in higher education, admissions counseling or even student affairs!

Interesting fact:

I have played French Horn since 4th grade.