Mike MercurioMike Mercurio

2014 Orientation Leader




Accounting & Finance


Washington Township, New Jersey


First Year Residence Hall:




Swimming, running, photography, and shower singing.

UD Involvement:

UD Club Swim Team, Blue Hen Leadership Program.

Most exciting UD memory:

Attending my first college football game with all of my new friends.

Advice for a new student:

Keep a planner, stay organized, and keep up on assignments ahead of time!

Why I chose Delaware:

I love The Green during every season!

How I decided on my major:

I took accounting courses in high school while I was Student Council Treasurer and have loved it ever since.

Favorite TV show:

One Tree Hill

Favorite song:

“Vienna” by Billy Joel

Plans after college:

Pass my CPA exam while working for an accounting big four company, start a family, and eventually my dream profession is a Certified Public Accountant of my own small town firm.

Interesting fact:

I’ve performed as the lead role in musicals like Footloose and Little Shop Of Horrors.