Lauren Powell


Lauren Powell




Communication Interest & Environmental Studies


Newark, DE


Hiking, volunteering on farms, sitting on the Green, cooking, Down to Earth food co-op.

Most exciting UD memory:

Summit 2012!

Why I chose Delaware:

UD offers many great opportunities academically, and it was the right size, location, and price! I am a proud third-generation Blue Hen!

How I decided on my major:

Communications has always interested me and is very applicable for a wide range of jobs. Also, after my first semester at UD, I realized that I would be happiest in a career that makes a positive difference regarding the environment, so I added Environmental Studies.

Favorite TV show:

Arrested Development.

Favorite song:

"Lucky Man" by The Verve

Favorite spots on Main Street:

Home Grown & The Main Squeeze. 

Plans after college:

Joining the Peace Corps, and then possibly going to graduate school.