Lauren DeMicco


Lauren DeMicco




Earth Science Education


State College, PA

UD Involvement:

Outing Club, Rock Climbing Club, Baptist Student Ministry, employed at the UD Rock Wall and Academic Enrichment Center

Most exciting UD memory:

Climbing Mt. Marcy with the Outing Club in the Adirondacks. When we reached the alpine zone, it was blistering cold, gusty and dumping snow. I told Zach Fox (another Summit leader) that I was dying and that I didn’t want to continue. But we continued hiking and when we finally saw the summit we ran against the 50mph wind and stood on the highest peak in NY. It was probably one of the most epic days of my life.

Advice for a new student:

Step out of your comfort zone the second you step onto campus. Everyone is looking for their niche and it just might be that yours is something that you’ve never tried before!

Advice for their parents:

Trust your kids, know that everything that you have done up until this point has immense value. Allow them to make mistakes and learn from them. Anticipate and embrace “I told you so moments;” they are inevitable.

Why I chose Delaware:

I got an extremely good vibe from the College of Earth, Ocean, & Environment. When I walked into Penny Hall and saw the mineral museum, I knew that this was the place.

Favorite TV show:

Arrested Development

Interesting fact:

I have an identical twin sister.