Kevin Trump


Kevin Trump


Class of 2012


Health and Physical Education


Medford, NJ


Climbing, backpacking, fishing, cooking, slack lining, wiffle ball, softball

Why I chose Delaware:

I transferred into Delaware my sophomore year after a year of playing football at Kean University in North Jersey. I quickly realized playing football full time was not what I wanted to do and Kean University was not where I wanted to be. Delaware offered a true “college atmosphere” that would allow me to explore new interests and meet some of the most motivated and talented people in the nation. It wasn’t until I came to UD that my love for the outdoors really sky rocketed. UD has allowed me to develop an interest into a passion and a passion into a career through teaching in the outdoors.

Favorite TV shows:

Seinfeld, Family Guy, Lost, Boardwalk Empire

Favorite song:

Depends on the day and the Springsteen album I’m listening to at the time. That being said, the entire “Born to Run” album would be the soundtrack to my life. I’m from Jersey and I’m proud of it.

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Home Grown and Central Perk

Plans after college:

To continue teaching whether it be Health and P.E. or working with at-risk youth in an Outdoor Education setting. Climb “The Nose” route on El Capitan, Denali in Alaska, and maybe one day shoot for Everest. Never stop exploring!

Interesting fact:

I can juggle a golf ball with a pitching wedge over 500 times in a row.