Kaleigh Prendergast


Kaleigh Prendergast




Exercise Science


Millersville, MD


Hiking, yoga, working out, reading.

UD involvement:

Outing Club, volunteer at Physical Therapy clinic, Honors Program.

Most exciting UD memory:

My most exciting UD memory was my Summit trip a few weeks before my first semester. I met other awesome freshmen that shared similar anxieties about starting college and helped me to build strong friendships before setting foot on campus.

Why I chose Delaware:

Delaware is the perfect size, has a beautiful campus and college town, and has strong academics. Most of all, the students seemed happy every time I visited.

Favorite TV show:

The Office.

Favorite song:

"Breathe" by Michelle Branch.

Plans after college:

Physical therapy school.

Interesting fact:

I signed up for a half-marathon last year as a spur of the moment decision, even though I wasn't particularly a serious runner. I only had a few weeks to train, but I ended up getting a virus in the weeks leading up to it. the first time I seriously ran was on the day of the race, but I ran the whole thing and finished!