Julia Reedy


Julia Reedy




Anthropology and Spanish


Arlington, MA


Rock climbing, hiking, slacklining, crossword puzzles, eating

Advice for a new student:

Get involved with the activities on campus-even if it’s something that you have never done before. There is so much to do and you can meet some really cool people!

Advice for their parents:

Try to only talk with your student twice a week - (I know this sounds terrible, but for incoming freshman, it will help with the adjustment process and kind of force them to figure things out on their own. Also, when you talk there is just so much to talk about!)

Favorite TV show:

Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Newark Deli and Bagel

Plans after college:

After graduation, I plan on going on a cross-country road trip stopping in national parks across the country with no planned end date or itinerary.

Interesting fact:

I have double jointed pinky toes and am obsessed with dehydrating fruit.