Hayley Diverio


Hayley Diverio




Environmental Studies


Andover, NJ


Hiking, camping, swimming: I enjoy basically anything outdoors!

UD involvement:

Blue Hen Leadership Program, UD Varsity Women’s Rowing.

Advice for a new student:

Don’t hesitate to get involved! It’s totally possible to be a big fish in this big pond!

Advice for parents:

The first semester of college is so busy no matter what your student is involved in; we may not always answer calls or texts within hours. Just know that we haven’t forgotten about you or home, and a quick call or text is coming your way!

Why I chose Delaware:

UD is not only one of the most beautiful campuses I had seen during my college search, but it also is a place where I realized I can accomplish everything I want to in college. The outstanding programs in Environment sold me on the academics, and the fact that I am able to compete at the Division 1 level while being involved in other organizations sold me on the social level.

How I decided on my major:

I declared Environmental Science when I applied. Soon after first semester started my freshman year, I realized science is not “my thing.” I also realized that I am much more into the policy and sustainability aspect of the environment, so I switched to Environmental Studies. It allows me to explore my environmental interests as well as my policy interests.

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Definitely Newark Deli and Bagel (NDB). It’s the only place I can get my Taylor Ham, Egg, and Cheese like in New Jersey!

Interesting fact:

I skipped my high school graduation ceremony for the US Rowing Youth National Championship in Oak Ridge, TN.