Greg Masso


Greg Masso




Computer Science


Middletown, DE


Soccer, longboarding, trumpet, and playing video games.

Most exciting UD memory:

Move-in day. All the new faces and soon-to-be friends was all I could have wanted.

Advice for a new student:

If you're here for fun, don't forget to study. If you're here to work, don't forget to have fun. You need both.

Advice for parents:

Don't be heartbroken if they forget to call you. I promise they've thought about you. Phone calls are often looked over because of the rush of new people.

Why I chose Delaware:

There was never another choice. UD is a beautiful campus with an amazing educational program. I didn't apply anywhere else.

How I decided on my major:

Honestly, because I love playing video games! I want to make them for myself and become a game designer. I've always been inspired by game programmers.

Favorite song:

I will never have an answer to this question.

Interesting fact:

I have an inflatable palm tree in my room!