Ben GallegosBen Gallegos

2014 Summit Leader




Visual Communications


Kennesaw, GA




Climbing, surfing, hiking, making things, and adventuring.

Most exciting UD memory:

Cardboard Project freshman year was a great time. We practically lived in the studio, even slept on the floor beacuse we were all working so hard. It's also how everyone in my major got to know each other. We may have been working, but it was with fun kids!

Advice for a new student:

A lot of people I know, now at one point or another, thought about transferring because they couldn't ind people like them. If by the end of freshman year you don't like your friends, keep looking because there are 16,000 people on campus, and there are bound to be some who are into the same things as you.

Advice for their parents:

If your nest is empty, it's time for y'all to focus on you!

Interesting Fact:

I took a gap year after high school, and took courses with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

Favorite TV show:

Adventure Time

Favorite song:

There is too much music in the world to limit yourself to only one.

Favorite spot on Main Street:

7-Eleven - it's a lifesaver when you're working all night! A close second for me is Brew Ha Ha.