Erik Peterson


Erik Peterson




Economics & German


Bear, DE

Most exiting UD memory:

My first week with UD as a participant on Summit!

Why I chose Delaware:

I get to do laundry on the weekends, and you sure can't beat in-state tuition.

How I decided on my majors:

I took an economics class in high school and found that it came so much easier to me than any other subject. Plus, the major requirements fit in a way that allowed me to explore other majors and minors. I added German as a major last year. After taking several German classes, I realized that I wanted to really commit myself to the language, and I will be studying abroad in Austria next fall semester.

Favorite TV show:

Breaking Bad. If you've seen it, then that's enough said. If you haven't, then you don't know what you're missing.

Favorite song:

"The Best of What's Around" by Dave Matthews Band.

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Main St. Sliders (RIP).

Plans after college:

I plan to live the rest of my life to the best of my ability; apart from that I'm not too sure.

Interesting fact:

I joined Cub Scouts in first rgade and remained in scouting until I earned my Eagle Scout and aged out at 18.