Erica Bradshaw


Erica Bradshaw




University Sudies


Woodbridge, NJ


Playing musical instruments, swimming, blogging, eating sushi.

Most exciting UD memory:

My first football game as a member of the UD Marching Band.

Advice for a new student:

Your experience here will be what you make of it. Make it something worth smiling about in fifty years. Also, get involved!

Advice for parents:

They will be okay. You’ve given them the tools to succeed; now it’s time for them to use them. And bring coffee the day of orientation. You’re going to need it.

Why I chose Delaware:

The campus is absolutely gorgeous, the location is ideal, and I loved the people from the moment I toured here!

Favorite TV show:

Skins UK.

Favorite song:

"Paradise" by Coldplay.

Interesting fact:

My favorite animal is the sloth.