Mikhail JamesMikey Draine

2014 Orientation Leader






Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


First Year Residence Hall:

George Read



Listening to and collecting vinyl records, playing mandolin, reading, playing basketball.

Most exciting UD memory:

The times I spent getting to know each and every one of my close friends. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

Advice for a new student:

Think about your future self as a long lost friend that you will one day meet. Make good decisions and work hard so that one day when you and that person meet, they will be proud.  Nothing great is ever easy. Step out of your comfort zone and try something different, you’ll never know how life can surprise you.

Advice for their parents:

Be supportive and always let us know that you care. We recognize that this transition can be hard on you as well. If we don’t call you don’t worry. We sometimes get wrapped up in all the things there are to do here. We appreciate everything you’ve done to get us this far and we just want to make you proud.

Why I chose Delaware:

I spent a lot of time on UD’s campus during high school because of sports. The more time I spent here the more I realized how beautiful it is. I didn’t know much about the school at first but the more I learned, the more interested I became. Once Decision Day came around I realized that I could not see myself anywhere else!

How I decided on my major:

Communications offers a lot of opportunities. It is also a field that I understand very well and have always been interested in studying.

Favorite TV show:

How I Met Your Mother

Favorite song:

“Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd

Favorite spot on Main Street:

California Tortilla!

Interesting fact:

I sometimes transform into President Barack Obama. (Or I just do impressions of him, not really sure which one.)