Mikhail JamesOlivia Danchik

2014 Orientation Leader




University Studies


Kennett Square, Pennsylvania


First Year Residence Hall:




I danced for 15 years prior to coming to UD. I love to read, and I love to travel as much as I can.

Most exciting UD memory:

Studying abroad in Costa Rica during WInter 2014!

Advice for a new student:

Not to be cliché, but be yourself. It is so important. Spend time with people who make you happy and who make you feel wanted. Don’t waste time with fake friends. With that being said, don’t make opinions about someone before getting to know them yourself. Stay in contact with friends from high school, but open up and find best friends in college as well. College is not only about the GPA you end up with and the major you choose. College is about experiences and memories, as is life, so make as many memories as possible and have fun!

Advice for their parents:

Your students are going to grow up and change in college. Odds are that the person who comes home at Thanksgiving break will be a little different, have new mannerisms, and be a little more mature than the person you dropped off in August. Although you will not understand everything they are going through, be supportive and always tell them you love them!

Why I chose Delaware:

I was so determined to not come to Delaware because it’s close to my high school and I wanted to go far away. I ended up touring the campus only because I got to skip school for a day! The day I toured was the first sunny and warm day of the spring, and campus is beautiful! I still told myself I did not want to come here, and sent in a deposit at another school. On May 1st, the final day before most colleges’ deadlines, I came home and told my mom we had to make a deposit at Delaware instead.

Favorite TV show:


Favorite song:

“Young and Beautiful” by Lana Del Rey

Favorite spot on Main Street:


Interesting fact:

I am OBSESSED with Naked Juice.