Chloe Gallo


Chloe Gallo




Neuroscience Pre-Med


Hockessin, DE


Weight lifting, running, kickboxing, rowing, dancing, community service, movie watching!

UD involvement:

UD Women’s Rowing Team, UD Neuroscience club, Residence Hall Committee.

Most exciting UD memory:

NSO Morning Welcome!

Advice for a new student:

Call your parents, call your grandparents. They LOVE hearing your voice, I promise it will be the highlight of their day!

Advice for parents:

Don’t make any changes to your student’s room at home… yet! They will still want to come home to their bed on the occasional weekend. Wait until they are settled in to add a new home office or exercise room!

How I decided on my major:

I am very interested in the human brain and its functions, and I plan on becoming a pediatric neurologist.

Favorite song:

"Country Roads" by John Denver.

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Panera Bread - broccoli and cheddar soup… yum!