Mikhail JamesSarah Brotzman

2014 Orientation Leader




Spanish & Political Science


Nazareth, Pennsylvania


First Year Residence Hall:




Cheerleading, shopping, heart-to-hearts, being around/helping little children.

UD Involvement:

Student Government Association, Blue Hen Leadership Program, Greek Life, UDance

Advice for a new student:

My advice to new students is to be yourself, stay well-rounded, and always work/study ahead. I advise that new students also go to office hours to let professors know that you want to do well. Something that my seem contradictory but is something to actually listen to: do not stress about your future or choosing a job, just live each day as it is and know that everything happens for a reason. Get involved from the very beginning, set aside time to yourself each day, and make sure you maintain good time management. UD is my home and I absolutely would not picture myself anywhere else, you could feel the same way if you let it become your home!

Advice for their parents:

I am the oldest of three, so I was the first one to go away to college for my parents. It was the hardest goodbye we have ever had, but we also knew it was time and that I was more than ready. I would recommend making a few visits to your student (Parent & Family Weekend!) while at school to see them in their prime here at the university. Staying involved in their lives without being overwhelming is a challenge, but it is certainly better for the students to spread their wings. Lastly, might I also strongly suggest care packages: they never get old!

How I decided on my major:

Spanish came easy to me in high school, and because of the teacher I had from freshman to senior year, I was pushed beyond my potential, inspired beyond belief, and I fell in love with the language. I knew I wanted to set a goal to become fully bilingual, travel to Spain to study abroad during my college career, and continue with what I am passionate about. With the growing number of Spanish-speaking people on our country, Spanish as a second major will only be an asset for me. It is true that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life; with that being said, I want to change the world. With a political science and public policy degree, my options are numerous and I open more doors than I am closing as far as future careers.

Favorite TV show:

One Tree Hill

Favorite song:

“I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain

Favorite spot on Main Street:

Iron Hill

Plans after college:

I plan on going to graduate school, but I am not sure yet what career I exactly want to pursue.