Arya Cohn


Arya Cohn




Sociology & Psychology


Roslyn, NY


Playing volleyball, eating, volunteering.

UD involvement:

Greek Life, Circle K, Sociology Club, Blue Hen Marketing Club.

Advice for a new student:

First semester freshman year is different than any other semester in college. Embrace it. Everyone is feeling apprehensive, excited, and slightly uneasy at times. You are never alone with those thoughts. Everyone wants to make friends and meet new people. So step out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to someone. Join something new. It will 100% pay off.

Advice for their parents:

Be supportive. Going to college is scary, exhilarating, different, and definitely can be a little over whelming at times. Each student’s transition is different, and no experience can be compared to another. Just let them know that you support them, that’s all we ever want to hear.

Why I chose Delaware:

I came to visit UD a random day in the middle of my junior year of high school. The day was gray and raining and I hadn’t heard a lot about the university, but I fell in love and my dad knew I did too. However, I don’t like setting my heart on anything so I pretended it was an option, but nothing special. When acceptances came out, I couldn’t decide where I wanted to go. Partly because I refused to accept high school was ending and partly because I hadn’t been back to UD in a year and a half. So I attended admitted students day to look at UD one last time. Although I still deny it, my dad told me I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time we were on campus. I knew I fit. I applied to 15 different colleges and universities and to this day he claims I never appeared that happy on any other campus.

Favorite TV show:

The Mindy Project

Favorite spots on Main Street:

California Tortilla, because if JMP loves it so much, so do I!

Interesting fact:

I hiked Machu Picchu.