Secondary Science Education

Praxis II Requirement

New Policy Effective Fall 2007

At its December meeting, the University Council on Teacher Education (UCTE) amended the University's policy on the academic content area test requirement. Effective September 1, 2007 candidates are required to take the Praxis II examination required by the State of Delaware to receive the University's institutional recommendation for certification. In the past, candidates were allowed to submit an appropriate academic area content test designated by the state of their choice (i.e., New York, Pennsylvania). However, many states, including New York, now require that graduates apply and receive certification in Delaware prior to receiving certification in their state. In addition, national specialty organizations require universities to collect and present aggregated data on their candidates' performance on a content knowledge test to receive national recognition. Therefore, to ensure continued national recognition of the University's teacher education programs and to assist candidates through the various state certification processes, UCTE voted to require all teacher education candidates to submit the Praxis II test required by the State of Delaware.

To receive the University's recommendation for certification, candidates (beginning with those planning to graduate in December 2007) are required to submit a copy of their official score report (first and last pages) to the Delaware Center for Teacher Education (DCTE), 200 Academy Street, during enrollment in EDUC 400 Student Teaching or EDUC 750 Graduate Internship, or no later than December 1 for January graduates and May 1 for June or summer graduates. An institutional recommendation for certification will not be issued until DCTE has received a copy of the appropriate Praxis II tests.

While UD candidates are required to take the state of Delaware tests to receive the University's recommendation for certification, additional tests may be required for candidates seeking certification in states other than Delaware.

Please note the following steps: