Secondary Science Education

Praxis I Requirement

All teacher education candidates must meet established criteria for admission into upper-division professional education study. These criteria include: minimum cumulative grade point average; minimum grade point average in courses within their major; successful completion (grade of C- or better) of prerequisite courses and field experiences; and passing scores, as established by the University Council on Teacher Education, on Praxis I.

  • What is Praxis I?

    Praxis I, developed by the Educational Testing Service, measures proficiency in the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics. These 3,one-hour tests, designed to be taken as part of your college program of study and to assess your skills in these three areas, are available in two formats -- paper-based and by computer.

  • How can I prepare to take Praxis I?

    Study guides are available to help you prepare for these tests. You can download a free Test at a Glance booklet, which gives you an overview of the three tests and some sample questions in each of the areas, from the Educational Testing Service website at You can purchase a more complete study guide to Praxis I at many bookstores or this study guide is available in the Education Resource Center (015 Willard Hall).

  • How can I register to take Praxis I?

    The paper-based Praxis I is given 6 times a year. You can find this information and register on line at: . You can register to take the computer-based format by calling 1-800-853-6773 or the UD number 831-6717. Both formats are available to students on the UD campus. At the time you register, you must designate where you want your test scores sent. You get 3 free copies. You must designate the University of Delaware (5811) as one of your score recipients. In addition to UD, you should designate 2 states (i.e., some states that require Praxis I for certification are DE, PA, MD, & VA) where you may want to teach as score recipients.

  • What are the passing scores on Praxis I required for admission into upper-level professional education study at UD?

    The passing scores are:

    TEST Name Test Code Passing Score PPST
    Reading 10710 175
    Mathematics 10730 174
    Writing 20720 173
  • When should I take Praxis I ?

    The tests are designed to be taken early in your college career. They are assessing basic academic skills in reading, writing and mathematics. It is recommended that you take these tests during your freshmen or sophomore years. Please talk with your academic advisor or program coordinator about when you should take Praxis I.

    For additional information, contact:

    Barbara Van Dornick, Associate Director
    Delaware Center for Teacher Education
    200 Academy Street, Univ. of Delaware
    831-3000 or