Secondary Science Education

Casey Rurode,

teaching Persius once said “He conquers who endures.” While I certainly have not yet conquered the art of teaching I was armed with several necessary tools to endure in a successful and enjoyable manner during my time in the Science Education program at UD. Many education classes stressed the importance of interactive activities as well as inquiry-based learning. My experience in the classroom supports the idea that interactive activities and learning via inquiry increases students’ retention of material and curiosity as well as promotes a positive attitude towards the class. Another vital skill that was stressed mainly during my last year as a biology education student was the value of being a reflective and critical teacher. To this day, I constantly critique which portions of my lessons were successful and which require more attention for the future. The final key component to successful teaching that I realized as a biology education student is the importance of high quality relationships with your fellow teachers.
While being a Biology Education major could be both physically and emotionally exhausting at times, I would not change my decision to become a teacher or to pursue my education in the UD Science Education Department for anything! I truly believe that my experiences in the program eased the transition from an aspiring educator to a professional in the field of education.

Jessica Best,

UD’s Secondary Science Education Program helped me discover the type of educator that I aspire to be.  I am determined to provide a classroom with a comfortable environment that promotes fairness and supports risk-taking.  I believe that each student has the potential to succeed and it is my job to help these adolescents discover their unique talents.  In my classroom, I will give students a reason to believe in themselves, just as the supervisors in this program helped me believe that I could transform from a senior in college one day into a dedicated Earth Science teacher the next.  With the help of this program and the exceptional supervisors that guided me along my educational journey, I now feel comfortable and confident walking into a classroom of my very own.