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The mission of the University of Delaware Student Athletic Advisory Council is to enhance the athletic experience of all University of Delaware student-athletes by: bringing representatives from all varsity sports teams together, representing the University of Delaware at the Colonial Athletic Association conference level, serving as a liaison between the student-athletes and administration, recognizing academic achievement, and implementing programs in community service, health promotion, leadership, and spirit.


There will be an advisor present at every meeting unless a period of time is requested by the Board to meet alone. The Advisors, the Assistant Director of Athletics, Director of Student Services for Athletes, and the Sports Medicine Head Nurse are able to provide a liaison to the Athletics Department and its operations.

During the academic year 2000 - 2001, two representatives will be hand-selected by the Advisors. Hereafter, a senior team representative will name his or her successor.

A team representative must be present at all meetings. Class, competition, and family emergencies are the only excused absences. If a member misses more that two (2) meetings with an unexcused absence the membership is relinquished and a replacement will be found.

Meetings will be held once a month during the academic year (September to May). Meeting dates and times will be determined on an annual basis at the beginning of each fall semester.

SAAC will have a Board to consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Alternate, and Treasurer. The Board is responsible for creating the agenda for each meeting and facilitating each meeting. Board members will be voted by the membership on an annual basis. The roles of the Board members are defined below:

President: will communicate meeting dates and times to the membership; will facilitate and lead each meeting with assistance from other Board members; will be the main liaison to the Advisors; will assist in creating the agenda with the other Board members.

Vice-President: will assist the President as needed; will assist in facilitating the meetings; will facilitate the meetings in the President's absence; will assist in creating the agenda with the other Board members.

Secretary: will record minutes from each meeting; will distribute the minutes to the membership and Advisors in a timely fashion; will assist the President and Vice-President as needed; will assist in creating the agenda with the other Board members.

Alternate: will move into the Secretary position if one of the positions is vacated during the academic year, and the rest will move upward.


Our conference, the COLONIAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (CAA), has a SAAC of which two (2) members from the University of Delaware will be asked to serve. Interested persons should inform the Advisors. The representatives will be selected by the Advisors.

Obligations include 2-3 conference calls during the academic year and an annual meeting with the Conference Office staff and member institutions. These meetings/calls will be used to discuss campus SAAC issues, conference issues, and national SAAC issues.


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