The H.E.N.S. (Helping Each Newcomer Succeed) Peer Mentoring Program is designed to aid first-year student-athletes with their transition into the University of Delaware. Selected upperclassmen serve as mentors to first-year student-athletes in both individual and group settings. First-year student-athletes are meant to benefit from the experience of the upperclassmen in handling many of the common challenges new student-athletes face. The mentors hopefully benefit from an important leadership opportunity outside the athletic realm.

Here is a list of the student-athlete peer mentors for the 2012 - 2013 academic year:

Erica Addonizio Cross Country
Alissa Alker
Rachel Amey Cross Coiuntry T & F
Beau Brady Men's Lacrosse
Tyonna Brooks Track and Field
Kelsey Buchanan Women's Basketball
Bridget Burns Women's Lacrosse
Victoria Caruso Cross Country T & F
Cole Clark Men's Swimming
Chelsea Craig Women's Basketball
Jason Derene Men's Tennis
Ben Evangelista Men's Swimming
Alexandra Finocchio Cross Country T & F
Bethany Fox Track and Field
Paul Gallagher Men's Swimming
Francine Gebbia Track and Field
Joe Giacchino Baseballl
Emily Gispert Cross Country T & F
Amanda Halstrom Women's Tennis
Katie Hank Volleyball
Shannon Kearny Women's Soccer
Alyssa Kennedy Cross Country T & F
Laura Klebe Women's Soccer
Erle Ladson Football
Chelsea Lawrence Volleyball
Anna Lenczyk Women's Soccer
Sebastian Logan Volleyball
Jessica McDonald Track and Field
Kyle McLaughlin Men's Swimming
Ali Miller Women's Soccer
Michael Moore Men's Swimming
Meredith Murphy Rowing
Rachel Oemcke Volleyball
Jessica Olsen Cross Country T & F
Alana Pantale Track and Field
Melissa Pennington Women's Soccer
Kori Reigel Volleyball
Polly Reinicker Women's Soccer
Ryan Roberts Men's Swimming
Tory Sharpless Field Hockey
Sarah Slotoroff Rowing
Alexandra Smart Rowing
Andrew Speese Men's Swimming
Taylor Thompson Women's Soccer
Nihja White Football
Will Wojciechowski Men's Lacrosse



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