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University Requirements for Mathematics

Requires a minimum grade of "D-" ("P" is not acceptable).

Complete (3) credits of MATH 113, 127, 114, 115 or 117 or a MATH course at the 2xx level or above (but not 201, 202, 251, 252 or 253).

Please note:  MATH 114 or higher must be taken concurrently or prior to ECON 101.

Only one of the 100-level MATH courses can be counted toward total credit for the degree. A second MATH 100-level is considered duplicate credit and will be disregarded when calculating total credits for the degree. At this time, the transcript does NOT subtract these credits from the total number completed. We will do this manually when we review the student's record for senior checkout. The courses above are listed more or less in order of level of math ability required for success.

Placement in UD Mathematics courses is done through the Math Placement Exam. Placement Level indicates the math course(s) in which a student is eligible to begin. Incoming students take the placement exam on-line before they attend New Student Orientation (NSO) and are advised at their NSO appointment as to the appropriate course for their major. Please note that as long as students are completing a math course at or above the level required by their major(s), they may elect to take a course lower than that of their placement. Students may not take courses above their placement level until they complete the pre-requisite college course. The exam results are found in UDSIS and are recorded in Advisor Notes during the initial Intake appointment (click on "New Student Intake form"). Please note that not all colleges use Advisor Notes when meeting with students at NSO, nor does the Honors Program. See descriptions for MATH courses in the Courses Descriptions index.

For students who are required to complete MATH 241 but only placed in Level  IV or V and wish to enroll in a course with a higher placement level, they have the option to compete an associated review program which will make them eligible for the next higher level. To enroll in MATH 241 if placed into Level IV or V, they must successfully complete the CPP (Calculus Preparation Program). All programs must be successfully completed prior to that semester's registration.

Please note that if students are pursuing a double major or double degree, the math requirement for the second program may be different and the student should choose a math course based on what will fulfill the requirement for both programs. When in doubt, consult with UAS at 302-831-3020 for guidance.

AP credit for Calculus AB or BC satisfies the Math requirement for a BA degree (minimum score of 3 is needed). MATH 221 and 241 are also eligible to count toward the CAS Group D Breadth requirement and University Breadth: Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Technology requirement.

Transfer students who have taken a college math course may not have completed the online placement exam, although it is highly recommended. Math courses transferred from other institutions as MATH 166 or 266 should be re-evaluated by the UD Mathematics Department. If the Math Department deems the course is equivalent to a UD course, they will notify the University Transfer Center and the transcript will be updated. If not, the student will need to take a course that will fulfill the requirement. Details about how to request evaluation of MATH transfer credits can be found here.

Alternate option for students bringing a strong math background from high school: Students can take the Math Proficiency Exam (different test from the Math Placement Exam). There is no fee. Passing the Proficiency Exam results in exemption from the Math requirement. The exam is offered three times a year. Students should contact the Math Department for more information and for exam dates.

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