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I received a Copyright Violation Notice from UD IT Security. Why? What happens next?


The University of Delaware takes a strong stand against unlawful distribution of copyrighted music, movies and software. While the University does not routinely monitor internet activity, if you are downloading or sharing copyrighted works over the internet your activity can be seen by the copyright owners. If the University receives notification of claimed infringement from a copyright owner or agent about your internet activity, Federal law requires that the University take action. You are responsible for the activity associated with your IP address. Whether you are aware of the violation or not, the following process will be completed:

  1. a Copyright Violation Notice with infringement specifics will be sent to your University e-mail account;
  2. your network access will be disabled;
  3. you must complete the Copyright Education course in Sakai;
  4. your network access will be restored upon your completion of the Sakai course.

Future incidents of alleged copyright infringement will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.




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