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Welcome to Secondary Education at the University of Delaware! The University of Delaware is committed to providing quality Secondary Education programs that prepare young people to become highly qualified professional teachers. In four years, undergraduates can earn a bachelors degree in their content area and complete a set of pre-professional courses as well as a field experience that prepare them to teach in grades 7-12. This webpage is intended to be a resource for prospective students, current students, our community partner schools, secondary teachers, and other persons interested in learning more about Secondary Education at the University of Delaware.

The education I received at UD is priceless. I was under the wings of many wonderful mentors every step of the way.Although our programs are quite diverse, they are unified by a common conceptual framework and are committed to serving our students, our community partners, our alumni, and, ultimately, secondary students in and around Delaware. Because they complete a full academic major within their discipline (for example, in Mathematics, Biology, English or Physical Education) in addition to their teacher preparation coursework, all University of Delaware Secondary Education majors develop a thorough understanding of the material they will teach. After successfully completing the course of study, students will be certified to teach at the middle school and high school level.

The University of Delaware’s Professional Education Unit is accredited by the National Council on Accreditation of Teacher Education. All of the teacher education programs have been recognized by their respective national specialty organization and have “state approved” status. Prepared with the knowledge and experience needed for today’s schools, Delaware graduates are vigorously recruited by school districts throughout the region and nationally.

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