Community of the Year

First Year and Upper Division

Who Does This Award Recognize?

This award recognizes any community: floor, multiple floors, building, complex, Special Interest Housing/Designed By You, or Living Learning communities whose individual members have been significantly involved in the growth and development of the community. The nominated communities also may have made contributions to the larger complex and/or University community. The nomination should include detailed examples of resident involvement in the community (this may include information about NET activities); benefits to individuals in the community; and contributions to complex and University communities. Up to two awards may be given (one First Year and one Upper Division).


The letter of nomination for this award must be a written by a student or group of students at the University of Delaware. Self-nominations are also encouraged.

Nominations Must Include:

  • A nomination statement summarizing the involvement of community members and any significant contribution to the larger complex or University community. This nomination should capture why this community is unique to other communities throughout campus. Nominations may range anywhere from 350 to 800 words in length.

  • At least one statement of support from a faculty or staff member focusing on personal knowledge of the nominated community and the community‚Äôs contributions to the residence halls. Multiple statements of support will be accepted and each statement can range from at least 1 paragraph to 1 page (350 words maximum).

Submit Your Nomination Today!

Statements of support should be included in the nomination form. Questions about the nomination process? Please contact Michele Kane or Tierra Fields.