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2014-2015 Housing Rates

Housing rates for 2015-2016 are approved and announced in early summer.

See our Building Information 2015-2016 page for more information about which halls will house first-year, transfer and upper-division students.




Freshman Housing

The average freshman housing rate is listed below. Incoming freshman students who choose to move to a building designated as an upper-division building during the academic year will be responsible for the published housing rate for that type of room from the effective date of the move.


Average Freshman rate



Upper-Division Housing

All students assigned to Upper Division residence halls will be charged the published rate for the assigned hall type and room type. All upper-division students are required to pay the full amount for their assigned space whether or not it is the type of space requested on their Housing Application. Students who move from one hall or room type to a different hall or room type will be charged the published rate for the new space from the effective date of move-in.


Apartments in Traditional Residence Halls





Traditional Residence Halls
(North Central and South Central)



Multiple room




Lofted single room




Single room




Multiple room with bath




Single room with bath




Traditional Residence Halls with Air Conditioning
(Includes Squire, Sussex, Kent, Sharp, and Sypherd)


Multiple room




Single room




Multiple room with bath




Single room with bath




Independence Complex Suite


Multiple room




Single room




Ray Street Suite


Multiple room




Christiana Towers Apartment


        2 bedroom apartment




        1 bedroom apartment



Students occupying Christiana Apartments are not required to vacate during holiday/vacation breaks.

Fall Early Arrival Check-in Fee
(For all freshman and upperclass residence halls and apartments)