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Spring Move-In Update

Moving In Early

With the potential impending winter storm during spring move-in, we want you to stay safe.

If you have any weather-related concerns and would like to move in early, contact your Residence Hall Coordinator (RHC) to see if and when your room will be available.

If your RHC approves you to move in early due to weather concerns, you don't need to worry about an early check in fee. There will be no early check in fees for spring move-in. Also note that spring dining plans will not be active until Sunday at brunch. Until Sunday, all dining halls are closed. Please refer to the Dining Services website for dining options and questions.

If you move in early, keep in mind that Winter Session is still wrapping up. 24-hour quiet hours are in place from Thursday at 8pm until Sunday. Please be respectful for those students who will be studying in halls for their Winter Session finals.

Already Here For Winter Session?

If you’re already living on campus for winter session, you can start moving to your new space as long as the new room is available.

Contact your RHC to see when your room is available.

Don't have a Spring assignment yet?

Spring assignments are expected by Thursday morning, February 6. Look for an email at your University email address with information about your assignment.


Find out more about spring move-in by visit the Spring Move-In Guide.

As always, feel free to email us, tweet at us, write on our wall, or call us: 302.831.HOME