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Safety in the Residence Halls

Residence halls at the University of Delaware are equipped with a variety of security and fire safety devices. Access fobs/cards, door alarms, door locks, ground level security screens, smoke detectors and sprinklers all provide a high level of safety for our residents. However, the most important safety asset at the University is our students who utilize the tools they are provided to keep themselves and their belongings safe.

Students should keep in mind they are no longer living in a single family home or apartment building – their actions affect not only themselves but also all the other residents in their building. By making the following safety and security procedures part of their daily routine, our residents improve the safety of their building and the entire University.

  • Students should not carry their room key, Fob/Access Card and ID in the same case.
  • Students should never lend their key, ID card or Access Card to anyone.
  • Students should lock the door to their room when they leave, even briefly, or are sleeping. Nearly all reported burglaries of residence hall rooms involve unlocked doors.
  • Students should always be alert and aware of their surroundings.  Students should avoid being overly absorbed in cell phone conversation or music and show a confident attitude.
  • Students must escort their guests at all times.
  • Students should not allow strangers to enter the building with them. If an unauthorized person pushes past you or follows you in the door, immediately inform a Residence Life staff member or the police (911).
  • If students see an unfamiliar face in their residence hall, ask for identification and information about their business or contact a Residence Life staff member or police (911). If necessary, ask another student to accompany you when speaking to an unescorted visitor.
  • Students should not tamper with security screens, except in the case of an emergency.
  • Students should immediately report all lost or stolen keys and fobs/access cards to University Police or Residence Life staff.
  • Students should report all thefts and any suspicious activity to Residence Life staff and police (911).
  • As students travel around campus it is important to follow all highway safety and railroad crossing regulations.
  • Students should be aware of campus crime trends. Read all UD-alerts related to crime activity on or near campus, read the "Police Report" in The Review and check Public Safety's Daily Crime Update.  If you are not already registered to receive crime alerts you can subscribe here (
  • Students should immediately report all security-related maintenance problems to the Facilities Operations Center (302-831-1141). Security repairs include locks, doors, windows, outside lights or fire extinguishers that need repair or replacement, as well as shrubbery that needs trimming.


The safety of our residents is of highest priority to Residence Life & Housing. In cooperation with the departments of Public Safety, Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety, we provide the equipment, education, procedures and policies to maximize safety and security. In addition to the safety tips listed above, students should be familiar with the policies and procedures outlining use and replacement of keys and fobs/access cards.