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Undergraduate: General Information

On-campus housing for returning students is guaranteed all four years if we receive your application by the posted deadline.

Guaranteed Housing Deadlines for 2014:

  • Returning Students - May 31
  • First Year Students - September 1
  • Transfer Students - July 15

Applications received after the deadline will be accommodated as space permits.

For 2014-2015: All students should review the Student Housing Contract (new for 2014-15).

For returning student applying for the full academic year, this contract is legally binding 48 hours after the earlier of:

  1. the completion of the room selection process,
  2. receipt of assignment, or
  3. placement on the wait list. For applications received after the designated Open Enrollment period, the contract will become legally binding 48 hours after submission of the application.

For all other students, this contract will become legally binding 48 hours after submission of the application. This contract covers the entire 2014-2015 academic year (the “Contract Period”).

Returning students: Apply for 2014-2015 housing. February 11-28 was the Open Enrollment Period. A new self-select feature works like selecting an airline or concert seat, which means students will need to be prepared to act when their time slot opens in order to get their preferred option.  Housing for 2014-2015 is guaranteed for returning students who complete an application by May 31, 2014. Students who apply between March 1 and May 31 can still select their own room, but spaces may be limited.

The process is detailed in the Sign Up Guide

Single freshmen under 21 are required to live in University housing, or at home with a parent or legal guardian if the residence is within a 30 mile commuting distance. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to Residence Life & Housing.

The housing application is open. Housing assignments are NOT first-come, first-served. When completing the housing application, please be aware that there are a number of factors that determine where you live on campus. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your top requests.

The deadline to submit an incoming student housing application for 2014-2015 is July 8, 2014. Please note that because new students are required to live on campus, applications will continue to be accepted until the start of the academic year. Students who apply after July 8 will be assigned after all other students have been assigned.

The process is explained in the First Year Student Sign Up Guide.

Transfer students may apply for on-campus housing beginning on April 14. Transfer students who apply by July 15, 2014 are guaranteed housing. Students who apply after July 15 will be accommodated as spaces become available. Please go to the Transfer Guide for more information.

Associate in Arts students transitioning to the Newark campus, please read the Transitions Guide.

Graduate Student and Family Housing

If you are a full-time, single graduate student or a full-time undergraduate or graduate student who wishes to live with your spouse, children, or other individuals who constitute your family, you are eligible to live in Graduate Student & Family Housing as long as you are registered and in good academic standing at the University of Delaware.