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Horn Entrepreneurship amplifies impact by working with internal and external partners to leverage thought leadership and foster innovation and entrepreneurship across campus and throughout the broader community.



Malasree Acharya


Steve Boerner

Adjunct Professor

Jules Bruck


Peter Danby

Adjunct Professor

Vince DiFelice

Assistant Professor of Practice

Julia Durodoye

Adjunct Professor

Ted Foltyn

Adjunct Professor

Dan Freeman


Julie Frieswyk

Adjunct Professor

Ryan Fuller

Adjunct Professor

John Himics

Adjunct Professor

Pauline Himics

Adjunct Professor

Robin Karol-Eng

Adjunct Professor

Michael Mackenzie

Adjunct Professor

Tony Middlebrooks


Linda O'Hara

Adjunct Professor

Ryan Lowe

Adjunct Professor

Jill Pante

Adjunct Professor

Mona Parikh

Adjunct Professor

Michael Patterson

Adjunct Professor

Christina Pellicane

Adjunct Professor

Christopher Raia

Adjunct Professor

William Scari

Adjunct Professor

Anthony Wedo

Adjunct Professor

Chris Wells

Adjunct Professor

Dan Young

Adjunct Professor


Lauren Cox-Ristenbatt

Events Coordinator

Vince DiFelice

Manager, Venture Support

Dan Freeman

Founding Director

Julie Frieswyk

Manager, Youth Programs

Vanessa Spence

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Meg Marcozzi

Manager, Marketing and Events

Michael McCormick

Business Administrator

Tricia Monnig

Manager, Academic Enrichment

Tony Middlebrooks

Director of Graduate Studies

Britney Mumford

External Engagement Manager

Sue Parkowski

Administrative Assistant

Christina Pellicane

Manager, Commercialization Programs

Tatiana Rice

Academic Programs Assistant

Rachel Strauss

Program Coordinator

Nate Tlaseca

Senior Designer

Linda You

Youth Programs

National Advisory Board

Tanya Bakalov

Founder and CEO at Betterskills

Brad Bono

Founder and CEO at Princeton Hosted Solutions

Neil Book

President and CEO at Jet Support Services Inc.

Adam Breese

Marketer at Frontier Technologies

Ralph Cetrulo

Partner at Stephano Slack LLC

Jeff Fetterman

Board Chair of First State Innovation

Jenni Fleck Jones

Marketing Manager at Belfint Lyons & Shuman, CPAs

Lisa Ford

Director of Digital Marketing Strategy at Capital One

Susan Frech

CEO of Social Media Link

Steve Friedman

Advisor and Investor

Tomas Gordon

CEO at Clear One

Liz Griggs

CEO and Managing Partner of Grantchester Group

David Heitzer

Business Origination at EDF Trading NA

Charlie Horn

Founder and Chairman at 5Lights, LLC

Jeff Lang

President of Lang Development Group

Rebecca Leisher

Member Services Coordinator at Inner City Weightlifting

Grace Leong

CEO and Partner at Hunter Public Relations

Shawn McCall

Owner of NCompass Consulting

Paul McConnell

Partner, McConnell Johnson Real Estate, LLC

Patrick Riley

CEO of Global Accelerator Network

Jeffrey Rollins

Senior Investment Officer at Ashford Capital Management

Stefanie Roselle

Owner of Social Butterfly

Tracy Shickel

Vice President of Innovation and Entr. at Delaware Innovation Space

Kris Vaddi


Anthony Wedo

Founder, Chairman and CEO at Premier Restaurant Group

Pete Wolf

General Counsel at Nabriva Therapeutics AG