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Procurement at the University of Delaware  
The University of Delaware uses both Purchase Orders and Procurement Cards (currently Visa®) for its procurement needs.

Members of the University community may obtain a Procurement Card which allows the cardholder to make purchases of up to $5,000. All transactions in amounts over $5,000 are handled by Procurement Services. In accordance with University policy, Procurement buyers exercising due dilligence are permitted to use their personal judgment and experience for all transactions in amounts up to $50,000. For transactions over $50,000, policy requires a competitive process involving quotations or sealed bids from a minimum of three different vendors.

Dollar amount notwithstanding, the payment method for the order will be determined at the time the order is placed. University community members are permitted to place orders using their Procurement Cards, and suppliers should use the Visa® authorization system to obtain an approval for the transaction.

For all orders in which a University community member is not able to use their Procurement Card, the supplier should not accept the order until they have received a University Purchase Order.

If the University issues a Purchase Order, payment terms are stated on the order. Unless other payment terms have been negotiated, the standard terms are as follows:

  • net 45 days from receipt of a properly prepared invoice
  • credit card upon shipment
Please note that the limits and restrictions vary throughout the array of University issued Procurement Cards. Invoices without a Purchase Order number will be returned to the vendor for correction. Please send invoices to

Deviating from these procedures may result in payment delays. If you have questions, please contact Procurement Services at (302) 831-2855 or 831-2856.