HR Support Team

The HR Support Team was developed as an additional resource for HR Liaisons, and should be the first point of contact if an HR Liaison has processing questions or issues. These individuals meet semi-annually with the Payroll and Systems staff to discuss departmental issues and concerns, and to receive on going training.

Revised 2/15/2010

College/Administrative Unit
Agriculture McDermitt,Charlotte Plant & Soil Sciences
Agriculture Davis,Susan Ag & Natural Resources
Agriculture Stephens,Barbara Ag Research/Education
Arts & Sciences Bendler,Cynthia Arts & Sciences
Arts & Sciences Reigle,Elizabeth Biological Sciences
Arts & Sciences Tobias,Douglas History
Business & Economics Proctor,Nancy Business & Economics
Business & Economics Somers, Linda Business & Economics
CEPP Howaniec,Patsy CEPP - Office of the Dean
CEPP Salzbrenner,Tammy Individual & Family Studies
CEPP Sullivan,Susan Ctr for Disability Studies
College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment Kirchner,Dieadra College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment
Office of Conferences Gleasner,John Office of Conferences
Engineering Graham,Barbara Eng - Office of the Dean
Facilities Henderson,Teresa Facilities Administration
Facilities Michael,Kathleen Facilities Administration
Health Sciences Strickland,Rachel CHS - Office of the Dean
Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreation Services Baird,Linda Recreation Services
Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreation Services Kelly,Linda Intercollegiate Athletics
Intercollegiate Athletics & Recreation Services Szczepanek,Bernadette Intercollegiate Athletics
IT-Information Technologies Webster,Kate IT-Information Technologies
Library Anderson,Paul Library
Library Brewer,Julie Library
Library Lesniczak,Patricia Library
Residence Life Brown,Laura Residence Life
Residence Life Ziegelbauer,Iveta Residence Life
Student Life Becker,Shirley Student Centers
Student Life Miller,Ginger Student Centers