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About the Center

The Center for Premedical and Health Profession Studies is focused on helping students across the colleges who are pursuing careers in the health professions. The center is focused on student outcomes – helping students achieve better success at the careers they have chosen in medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, physician assistant, advanced practice registered nurse, pharmacy, physical/occupational therapy and other health profession programs. All colleges are supported where premedical and health profession studies may be pursued upon graduation by its students.


The Center supports all pathways for premedical studies as well as to provide advisement/referral services for students pursuing professions in other health related professions.

Who is Supported

The Center guides and supports a community of pre-health profession students in their academic and extracurricular preparation to enter medical, dental, or other healthcare professions programs. In this capacity the Center encourages and supports all University of Delaware students, campus organizations, and academic units on campus.

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David A. Barlow, Director

Laura Pawlowski

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