Dr. David C. Wilson

A Horizontal Rule
Dr. David C. Wilson

Associate Professor and Interim Associate Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
4 Kent Way
Phone: (302) 831-2793

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David C. Wilson, PhD (Michigan State University, 2005) joined the Department in 2006. He teaches courses in political psychology; statistics, data analysis, research methodology; and public opinion and polling analysis. Professor Wilson's research examines the effects of social information on public opinion and political behavior using survey experiments. He specializes in survey measurement, political communication, and public opinion on racial attitudes, and is currently examining opinions on voter ID laws. During 2013-2014 Professor Wilson is serving as interim associate dean for the social sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Recent Publications:

Avery, Derek R., Patrick F. McKay, David C. Wilson, Sabrina D. Volpone, and Emily A. Killham (forthcoming) “Does Voice Go Flat? How Tenure Diminishes the Impact of Voice.” (Human Resource Management).

Wilson, David C. and Darren W. Davis (forthcoming, March 2011) “Reexamining Racial Resentment: Conceptualization and Content.” (The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science)

Wilson, David C. (2010) “Perceptions about the Amount of Interracial Prejudice Depend on Racial Group Membership and Question-order.” Public Opinion Quarterly. 74: 344-356.

Hunt, Matthew O., and David C. Wilson (2009) “Race/ethnicity, Perceived Discrimination, and Beliefs about the Meaning of an Obama Presidency.” Du Bois Review. 6:173-191.

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