Grad Students

A Horizontal Rule

Offices for graduate students in the Department of Political Science and International Relations are located on the third floor of Smith Hall, 333. Graduate students in 333 Smith Hall may be reached by telephone at four numbers: 831-6450, 831-6451, 831-6452, or 831-6453.

PhD Students

Atnreakn Alleyne
African Politics, Constructivism, Public Opinion Research

Lauren Balasco
Latin American Politics, International Law, Ethnic Conflict, Just War Theory

Emmanuel Balogun
IR Theory, Foreign Policy Decision Making and Regional Organizations and African Politics

Erin Baugher
Political Theory, Public Policy and Democratization

Daniel Bottomley
Southeast Asian Politics, Comparative Politics, Separatist Movements in Asia

Serkan Bulut
Ethnic Conflict and Conflict Management, American Foreign Policy, International Relations Theory, Global Security

Justin de Leon
Feminist IR, Critical Security Studies, Political Ethnography, Ethnographic Documentary Film

Rachel Garcia
Latin American Politics, African Politics, Democratization and Development Policy

Olga Gerasimenko
International Relations, National Security, East Asia

Michael Habegger
IR Theory, English School

Andrew Huntleigh
Migration, Surveillance, Biometrics, Feminist Theory, Security

Zachary Jackson
American Political Behavior, American Legal System, Political Theory

Sara Jann
Inter-American Relations, Violent Non-State Actors and Neo-Colonialism

Andrew Jenks
American Politics, Campaigns and Elections, Campaign Finance Reform

Xinhui Jiang
IR Theory, Terrorism, Middle East Politics

Samantha Kelley
Comparative Politics Focusing on Gender

Christopher Kettering
International Relations Theory, International Law, Power and Legitimacy in International Relations

Jared D. Larson
Comparative Politics, Geopolitics, International Law, Religion and IR, Spanish and Portuguese Politics, US Foreign Policy

Sophie le Blanc
Migration, Clothing Industry, Workers Rights, Feminist Theory, International Relations Theory

Tobias Lemke
Classical Political Thought, IR Theory, Realism, English School

Li Lingqun
Comparative Government, East Asian Relations, Social Construction

Zofia Maka
Transatlantic Relations, European Politics

Cheryl Mariani
US Foreign Policy, Middle East Politics, Security, Islam and Technology

Joshua Martineau
IR Theory, Forced Migration, Methodology

Ryan McCabe
American Foreign Policy, European Integration, Political Violence, Democratization

Boraden Nhem
Just War Theory, Migration and Security, Constructivist-Realist Synthesis

Chiedo Nwankwor
Global Governance, International Organizations, International Relations, Women and Politics

Faith Okpotor
US Foreign Policy (Africa), International Politics, International Security

Dustin Parrett
International Relations, International Political Economy

Brett Remkus
Postmodern Theory, Constitutional Law, Feminist Theory, Social Constructivism

Sahar Salehi
Middle East, Women and politics

Victoria Sanchez
International Security, Nuclear Proliferation, Conflict Management, Disaster Management

Michael Smith
International Relations, Comparative Politics and Politics of the Eastern Mediterranean

Christian Soler
Political Geography, World Cities, World-Systems Analysis

SooJin Song
Asia, International Governance, Political Economy and Economic Development

Enes Tuzgen
IR Theory, Middle East Politics, Political Theory, Turkish Foreign Policy

Murat Ulgul
Russian and Turkish Politics, Middle East, American Foreign Policy, Political History, Terrorism

Kristin Vandenbelt
Comparative Economic Integration, Latin American Politics, European Union

Marvin Whitaker
Human Rights & Global Governance, Middle East, International Relations Theory, Islam, Philosophy of Science

Sumeyra Yildirim
Identity, Religion, Culture, Immigration

MA Students

Brenna James
American Foreign Policy in the Middle East, Arab-Israeli Conflict, Security Studies

Steve Nkurlu
International Organizations and Other Non-State Actors and How They Function and Their Role in Global Governance

Jeffrey Pastrikos
Comparative Politics, Government and Political Institutions, Political Theory, Just War Theory

Mustafa Tetik
Globalization, Islam, Nationalism and Identity, Turkish Foreign Policy