Joseph A. Pika
James R. Soles Professor
468 Smith Hall
by appointment
Recent Teaching
  POSC 466 Road to the Presidency, Fall 2008

POSC 807 The United States in the Global System, Spring 2008

POSC 407 The American Presidency, Fall 2007

Public Service
  Chair, De-Can Committee of the Delaware P-20 Council

Member, Statewide Professional Development Plan Task Force

Campus Administration
  Director, Delaware Center for Secondary Teacher Education

Director, Southern Delaware Professional Development Center

Recent Publications

Newest publication: 
The Politics of the Presidency, ed. 7
(February 2008) 

"The White House Office of Public Liaison," The White House Transition Project/Reports

"The Politics of the Presidency, 7th ed." with John Maltese (Washington, D.C.: CQ Press, 2008)

"Confrontation and Compromise: Presidential and Congressional Leadership, 2001-2006" with Jason Mycoff (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2007)

“President Bush and the 110th Congress: Prospects for Compromise or Conflict?” (with Jason Mycoff) /White House Studies/ 7:1 (2007) 1-12.

“The 2002 Delaware Senate Race,” in David B. Magleby and J. Quin Monson, eds., _The Last Hurrah? Soft Money and Issue Advocacy in the 2002 Congressional Elections_ (Salt Lake City: Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, 2003) 327-333.