Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes

A Horizontal Rule

The mission of the Department of Political Science and International Relations is to generate and disseminate knowledge about political science and to achieve excellence in scholarship, teaching and service. We do this in the four subfields of American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Theory. Our faculty produce nationally and internationally recognized scholarship that advances the discipline, and we provide service to the University, profession and community. We seek to produce informed global citizens at the undergraduate level and potential future members of the professoriate at the graduate level. Our undergraduate programs in political science and international relations promote critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and numerical literacy, teach oral and written communication skills and convey core political science concepts and theories within the context of a diverse and globalizing nation and world. Our undergraduate programs accomplish this through lectures, seminars, laboratories, active learning strategies, study abroad, internships, and undergraduate research, among others. Our graduate program in global governance provides our students with a broad understanding of the discipline of political science and selected subfields, specialized expertise in one or more areas, and competence in the underlying philosophy of social science inquiry and research methods. Our graduate program produces PhDs who have the breadth and vision to grapple with important questions in political life, the training to make original contributions to those issues, and the ability to communicate their work to students, their peers, and a global audience.

The undergraduate program is designed to enable political science and international relations majors to achieve several outcomes (numbers in parentheses refer to University of Delaware General Education goals).

The graduate program is designed to enable graduates to accomplish several outcomes.