Dr. Richard J. Howard

Research Associate, DuPont Agricultural Products


 B. S., Natural Sciences, University of Wisconsin, Madison (1974)
 M. S., Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (1977)
 Ph. D., Plant Pathology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (1980)

Professional Experience:

DuPont Agricultural Products, Research Associate (1998-present)

DuPont Central Research & Development, Research Associate (1994-'98); Senior Research Biologist (1989-94), Section Research Biologist (1986-89)

DuPont Agricultural Chemicals, Research Biologist (1984-86)
DuPont Biochemicals Department, Research Biologist (1980-83)

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, Washington University School of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases (1979-80)

Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell University  (1974-79)

Awards, Honors and Professional Recognition:

Keynote Lecture, Canadian Microscopical Society (2001)
DuPont AgProducts Accomplishment Awards (1996, 1998, 1999)
The Histochemical Journal Lecture, Royal Microscopical Soc., York, UK (1997)
Associate Editor, Mycologia (1994-1999)
Alexopoulos Prize, Mycological Society of America  (1990)
NSF Competitive Postdoctoral Fellowship  (1980)
NIH National Research Service Award  (1979)
NIH Biotechnology Resources Branch HVEM Grant  (1979)
Elected to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (1977)
Sigma XI Grant-in-Aid of Research  (1976)
Elected to Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture (1974)
Wisconsin Agricultural Studies Award  (1974) Bachelor of Science with Honors, University of Wisconsin (1974)
Dean's List, University of Wisconsin  (1971 - 1974)

Current Professional Affiliation & Service:

Mycological Society of America
Member since 1983
Chair, Committee on Sustaining Membership (1989-1991)
Member (ex officio) Committee on Awards (1989-1991)
Member (ex officio) Mycologia Memoirs Board of Editors (1989-1991)
Councilor for Cell Biology/Physiology (1993-1995)
Associate Editor of Society's Journal, Mycologia (1994-1997)
Treasurer of Society, Member of Council's Executive Committee and Member of Finance and Endowment (ex officio) Committees (1995-1998)
Member, Mycologia Review Board (1997, 1998)
Chair, Mycologia Cover Design Committee (1999)
Member, MSA Ad hoc Committee on Membership Services (1999)
Member, Committee on Finance (1999-2003)
Cover Editor, Mycologia (2000-2003)

Member of Graduate Faculty Ph.D. Committees, Purdue University:

Rosa Maria Lopez-Franco (91/92),  Gregory R. Davidson (94/95)

Primary Research Interests:

Areas of interest include fungal morphogenesis, especially as related to pathogenesis, fungal cell biology including infection structure function, adhesion, mechanisms of penetration and patterns of colonization. A cytological approach has been used throughout, and continuous effort has been devoted to the improved preservation of fungal cell ultrastructure and affinity probe reactivity using cryogenic means, including high-pressure freezing, freeze substitution and low temperature scanning electron microscopy. Various fluorescent proteins for tagging specific gene products, in situ, are also being utilized.


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Howard, R.J. and Gow, N.A.R., editors (2001) The Mycota, Vol VIII. Biology of the Fungal Cell. Springer-Verlag (in press)


 DuPont Crop Genetics
 Experimental Station, Powder Mill Rd.
 Wilmington, DE  19880-0402 USA
 Tel (302) 695-1494,  Fax (302) 695-4509
 email "Richard.J.Howard@usa.dupont.com"


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