University of Delaware Participating Faculty

Plant Biology and Biotechnology


John S. Boyer

Professor, Member of National Academy of Sciences

Relationship between turgor pressure and plant growth and development; drought resistance; effects of drought/dessication on photosynthesis

Robert B. Carroll


Screening for disease resistance in field crops; DNA fingerprinting of Phytopthora isolates

Kirk Czymmek

Associate Professor

Fungal-plant pathogenic interactions and mechanisms of fungal hyphal tip growth

Thomas A. Evans

Associate Professor

Detection, characterization and control of viruses affecting vegetables and soybeans

Jeffry Fuhrmann


Interaction of nitrogen fixing bacteria with soybean; molecular ecology of soil microbes

John L. Gallagher


Ecology, propagation and transformation of halophytes; mechanisms of salt tolerance in plants

Pamela Green


RNA stability, degradation and function in plants

James A. Hawk


Crop plant breeding with an emphasis on breeding for insect pest, disease, and drought resistance

Sherry Kitto


Tissue culture-based micropropagation of native plants

Eric B. Kmiec


Homologous recombination and gene replacement in plants, mammals and microbes; human gene therapy

Jung-Youn Lee

Assistant Professor

Cell-to-cell communication through plasmodesmata in plants

Blake C. Meyers

Assistant Professor

Structure/function studies of plant disease resistance genes, and whole-genome methods to analyze plant gene expression

Allan D. Shapiro

Assistant Professor

Biochemical, molecular genetic and systems biology approaches to plant disease resistance signal transduction

Janine Sherrier

Assistant Professor

Development and function of the Medicago trunculata symbiosome--a combined proteomics, genomics and cell biology approach to understanding an organelle formed in response to infection with Rhizobium

K. Eric Wommack

Assistant Professor

Role of viruses and viral infection within microbial communities; influence of microbial community structure on biogeochemical processes; involvement of bacterial consortia in the degradation of pollutants

Byung-Chun Yoo

Biotech Institute Fellow

Signal transduction at the whole-plant level: Protein and RNA-based signaling through phloem


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