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Plant Biology and Biotechnology


S. Carl Falco

Metabolic engineering of soybean and corn for altered amino acid and protein composition

Richard J. Howard

Fungal cell biology relating to pathogenesis, including infection structure function, adhesion, mechanisms of penetration and patterns of colonization. A cytological approach is combined with molecular marker technologies, including fluorescent protein tagging, immunolocalizations, high-pressure freezing, freeze substitution and low temperature scanning electron microscopy.

Anthony J. Kinney

Biochemical genetics and metabolic engineering of lipid biosynethesis pathways; production of edible soybean oils with improved health and functional properties; engineering plant fatty acid biosynthetic pathways to produce novel fatty acids for industrial uses such as organic PVC plasticizers, biodegradable lubricants and new composites and polymers from renewable resources

J. Antoni Rafalski

Plant genomics; molecular marker technology, SNPs, maize sequence diversity, association mapping, linkage disequilibrium, DNA chips, bioinformatics.

Hajime Sakai

Seed and flower development in Arabidopsis and rice


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