Application for Graduate Study
in Plant Biology and Biotechnology
University of Delaware/DuPont

Application is to the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences at the University of Delaware. Application should be made to the Office of Graduate Studies using the forms available on-line (click here to access and print). Please indicate on these forms that you are applying to the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences where this information is requested. Please include a separate cover letter with the material to be mailed stating that you are interested in the Initiative in Plant Biology and Biotechnology. You may wish to state which of the faculty member/ DuPont scientists' work is of particular interest to you.


Application for NSF Predoctoral Fellowships is suggested for all US citizens or permanent residents. Obtaining outside funding is prestigious and will thus help later in one's career, as well as assisting the University to fund the maximum number of students. GRE Subject Exams in the area closest to one's undergraduate degree are strongly suggested by both programs, and as such are strongly suggested of candidates.


Applicants from foreign countries are urged to obtain an email account from a US-based provider such as Yahoo or Hotmail and use it as contact information. We have recently had severe difficulties with Chinese email servers in particular and have found that communication with Chinese applicants is at times possible only if the applicant uses an account from a US-based provider.


In addition to those questions asked on the Office of Graduate Studies forms, please answer the following additional question and send the response in the same package as other required material:


Describe your previous research experience(s), including significant methods developed and results obtained. If publications resulted or are in press, please provide the reference(s). The name, institutional affiliation, and contact information for the person(s) who directly supervised your research should be included. Please also list any patents on which you are an inventor.


Emailing a curriculum vitae is not a substitute for formal application. However, any material emailed to the selection committee ( will be carefully examined.


Applications are currently being accepted for admission in 2003. Admission to the university is year-round. We encourage applications from students of all countries.



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