Pros of Genetic Engineering

    Some people believe that genetic engineering has no benefits and that it only causes more problems.  In actuality, there may be no societal benefits... this point is still being debated over.  But what is true is that there are many medical, agricultural, and personal advantages to genetic engineering.  For example, animals can be engineered for leaner meat, there can be more ecologically friendly products, productivity of crops can be increased, and bacteria can be engineered to produce drugs needed for livestock.  These benefits can be seen in the commercial success, which shows how these products are needed and are used.  Other benefits include DNA tests helping newborn screening and used for forensic/identity testing.  Cloning can be used to reverse heart attacks.
    Some of the benefits  just help increase production, while others help ease the treatment of diseases or save lives.  Here's a closer look at some of these important pros.

Producing Human Insulin - help those with diabetes
Creating New Organs - save lives
Gene Therapy - fight diseases
Agricultural Biotechnology - increase productivity, make plants better

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