SCEN 102 - Physical Science and Technology: The Way the World Works

Syllabus for Sections 10-14 (Shipman) - Spring 2000

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Course Problems

Course Description Course Goals and Objectives
Grading Preparing for the Next Exam General Hints on Preparing for Exams
Discussion Schedule and Activities Big Class Schedule Lab Schedule
Answers to frequently asked questions about working in groups Overheads Course Policies
Lunar Log - instructions if you do the observations yourself Activities which were done in the large class Class Format
How Students Can Provide Feedback Results of the mid semester course evaluation, and what I'm going to do about it

Information of Current Interest

This section of the syllabus will be used, as the course progresses, to direct students to sources of information that they may need to use immediately.

For the answer key to the final exam, click here. Note: It is only after the exam is over that this link will take you to a real file.

For the essay questions that you can use to prepare for the final exam, click here.

For a more general review sheet for the final exam, click here.

For information on the optional paper, which is due on May 22, 2000, click here.

For the answers to the lab final exam and the challenge policies, click here.

For the grades to the second exam, click here.

For a short set of sample questions on the lab final exam, and for some suggestions on how to prepare for it, click here.

For some explanatory material on the lab which had many pieces of magnetic apparatus in it, click here.

For the possible essay questions for the second exam, click here.

To get to the reading on the future of computing, click here.

For information on the extra participation point assignment which involves a visit to the Learning Station, due in class on April 13, click here.

For information on the lunar log, click here.

For the grades on the first exam, click here.

For the answer key to the first exam, and for the policies on challenging the answers to a multiple choice exam, click here.

For the sample exam questions for the first exam, click here.
Instructor: Harry Shipman, Annie J. Cannon Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Office: 124 Sharp Lab, 302 831 2986. Office hours (times you can come in without an appointment to talk about anything): M 10-12, Tu 4-5. E-mail:,

Spring 2000

Large Class Time: 12:30-1:45 Tuesdays and Thursdays, Room 131 Sharp Lab