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Active Learning in the Classroom
Measuring Behavior Adoption among Applicators

Active Learning
Wake up your Audience with Active Learning
Directions on how to use the educational technique, Active Learning, in the classroom.
Straight Talk about Minimizing Spray Drift Worksheet
Worksheet for trainees to fill out while watching the Spray Drift Task Force video. 
IPM in Action
Problem solving activity on IPM.
How Safe is Your Pesticide Storage Facility?
A lesson plan with a set of jpg imges for you to copy and insert into a power point presentation.
How can you Protect the Environment?
A 2-minute "Think-Pair-Share" for use with the Ohio State slide show.
FQPA:  How does EPA Register Pesticides?
Two 2-minute "Think-Pair-Share" for use with the Penn State video.
Be Safe with Pesticides!  Read the Label.
A lesson plan on understanding the label.
Be Safe with Pesticides! Read the label
     Train-the-Trainer Manual
Be Safe with Pesticides! Read the label
     Training Manual
A set of training manuals for teaching Extension Master Gardeners the educational technique of Active Learning using a lesson on pesticide label comprehension as an example.  County Agents & Specialists who work with Master Gardeners deliver the lessons in the "Extension County Agents & Specialists Train-the-Trainer Manual"  while Master Gardeners use the "Extension Master Gardeners Training Manual."
An American Farm Tale Facilitators Guide
An American Farm Tale.  Produced by Rutgers Cooperative Extension.  Chronic Organophosphate Exposure and Treatment: The Rea Farm Case Study Facilitators Guide.
Behavior Adoption
Measuring Adoption of New Drift-Reduction Practices
       among Pesticide Applicators as a Result of training.
This paper presents the results of a study to measure behavior change.
Validation of an Instrument to Measure Behavior 
       Change as a Result  of Pesticide Applicator Training
This paper presents the validation of the instrument used in the above training manuals for Active Learning.
Planning and Evaluating Educational Programs to 
       Increase Adoption  of Safety Practices among Pesticide
This manual discuss the process of evaluation and gives three methods for measuring behavior change as a result of training.

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